Iguana Study 4 was photographed 2009 at Elysian Beach Resort at Cowpet Bay Beach in the East End near Red Hook, ST Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Everyday you can find at least 10-20 iguanas grazing and sunning on the grass and beach or hanging out in the bushes. I followed this particular iguana into the bushes. He did not want me following him. But I finally got a good angle.

He was started December of 2009 and completed in February of 2011. He is my newest baby and was my biggest challenge to date. It took so much patience, dedication and perseverance to complete him. I spent hours on his scales and repainted the background at least 15 times. I eventually chose a darker background to add contrast to the scaling.

Iguana Study is a 31.5″ X 39.25″ Acrylic Painting. He is not presently ready for sale.

Any questions you can reach me at pauleneedwards@yahoo.ca.