The iguana that inspired Iguana Study 2 was photographed 2004 in between Molly Malones and Red Hook Dive Center, Red Hook, American Yacht Harbour, ST Thomas US Virgin Islands. My brother-in-law was tending bar there, and while we were visiting the staff went out to feed them the left over food. I spent at least 30 minutes photographing the iguanas munching on their lunch.This particular iguana got really tired of me following him around and climbed onto a branch in the bushes. While looking through the hundreds of iguana images I had taken over the years I was inspired to paint this image in 2009 because of the profile and texture. I chose to remain with the Caribbean blue palette, but tried to push my technical skill even more.  The last two pictures are of the other iguanas that were hanging around. The last one does not look happy with me! But, he still gave me a smile.  

Presently, there is a 12″ X 16″ GiClee reproduction on un-stretched canvas with 3″ white border available for $150.00 (plus shipping). Please contact me at if you have any inquiries.